Intelligent Motion

Better and faster motion classification and inertial tracking

Navigation by Motion

At Yotta, our goal is to provide contextual and positional data to answer the questions of what and where. From this data, our customers can understand how.

What motions are my athletes performing on the field?

Where are my customers inside a store?

What is the posture of a AR/MR/VR user?

Our core technology answers these questions and more by offering a full real-time position and motion monitoring solution.


High Accuracy

From walking to jumping, crouching to crawling, we classify over 50 unique motions with over 95% accuracy.

Precise Positioning

Using no GPS, our positioning algorithm is able to achieve less than 5% error over distance traveled.

Easily Portable

Our real-time algorithmic solution runs on everything including embedded, mobile, AR/MR/VR, and the cloud.

About Us

We have a mission to improve contextual data.

All sorts of innovative approaches to sensor data processing have been made in the past decade due to the ubiquity of low-cost sensors found in smartphones and internet-of-things devices.  Today, contextual information about users has been used by health and fitness apps despite low accuracy of sensor fusion algorithms.

Intelligent Human Motion™, we aim to deliver a whole new level of user contextual data, enabling a new horizon of applications in both business and end-user settings.


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