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What is Intelligent Human Motion?

Intelligent Human Motion™ (IHM) is a targeted application of Edge ML for real-time motion and activity recognition on edge devices. IHM works similar to image and speech recognition: sensor signal patterns are analyzed and compared in real-time to trained models to determine a user's context such as motion and posture.  This contextual data is obtained from commercially available sensor data from smartphones, wearables, and AR/MR/VR headsets, but has also been cross-compiled for custom hardware platforms.

ihm_model_signals copy.png

How is IHM different?

IHM algorithms maximize classification accuracy while minimizing computational complexity.  IHM comes with a database of pre-trained motion models ready to use for your application. Additionally, with MLOPs you can quickly create your own motion models. Training can occur offline or directly on your edge device.


What are some features of IHM?

· Specialized Models: IHM runs multiple models simultaneously. Each model represents a particular motion type and each model can be computed in parallel. Because each model is only responsible for a single classifier it is small in both memory footprint and computational load.

ihm_feature_models 2.png

· Stacked Models: Unlike Deep Neural Networks, a new motion classifier can be added to the model set in real-time without affecting the current models or requiring a network to be retrained for the added motion type output.

ihm_feature_enable 2.png

· Minimal Data Requirements: Training a motion model requires very little data. Often less than a minute of data is needed to train a model capable of 95% accuracy.

· Attitude Independent: The IHM algorithm does not require the user to hold or wear the device in a particular location or orientation. Specialized filters are used to pre-process the data to reduce the effects of device orientation.


What can IHM run on?

IHM was initially developed for military-grade hardware.  It has since been ported to commercial smartphones, smartwatches, and AR/MR/VR headsets.  In addition, it can run on commercially embedded hardware platforms and modules with inertial sensors.

Actual IHM Hardware

How can I try IHM?

IHM is available today and ready for integration in your product.  We have a mobile application in closed beta for demonstration.  Please get in touch with our business team to apply for a product demonstration today.

ihm_models_screenshots copy 2.png
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