Frequently asked questions

What is Intelligent Human Motion™?

Intelligent Human Motion™ is a software suite of libraries and tools used to generate contextual motion and position data of a human based solely on commercially available sensor data from smartphones, wearables, and AR/MR/VR headsets.

How does Intelligent Human Motion™ work?

Intelligent Human Motion formulates and matches new and existing models to generate contextual data out of live human kinematics and, with Navigation by Motion™, is used to approximate position in absence of GPS.

Where can I try an example of Intelligent Human Motion™?

We have a mobile application in closed beta that demonstrates contextual motion capabilities of Intelligent Human Motion™. Please get in touch with our business team to apply for the closed beta.

How can I learn more about Intelligent Human Motion™?

Please get in touch with our business team and we would be happy to assist you.

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