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What is Edge ML?

Edge ML is a software suite and end-to-end framework for creating, training, deploying, and executing Machine Learning models on edge devices on time-series data.  Edge ML includes MLOPs, ML Tools, and Edge ML Core running cross-platform on Android, iOS, Linux, and more.

Define your application

Solve Real World Problems

Our Edge ML algorithms can help you create real-time products that are efficient, quick, and insightful.  Spend your time on your product and let Edge ML work for you!

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Modern Doctors

Examples Include

  • Fitness Tracking

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Virtual Reality

  • Mobile Gaming

  • Indoor Navigation

  • IoT Smart Apps

  • Workout Apps

  • Health Monitoring

  • Digital Twins

  • Performance Analysis

  • Autonomous Robotics

  • Quality Control

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  • Skip data collection and use our pre-trained models

  • Receive real-time feedback and data analysis

Collect Data

All Sensor Data Welcome

Collect and explore your data.  Edge ML algorithms accept any time-series data including sensor data commonly found on mobile devices, IoT devices, and wearables.  Collect your own data or use one of our Edge ML apps to assist you in collecting data.  Most models can be created with just minutes of data.


Train Models

Extensive Tools for Training

Use our friendly web and mobile application for rapid training and testing of your models.  Training can even be done in real-time on your edge device and deployed in minutes!

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  • Train and test your models directly on your edge device in minutes

  • Use our pre-trained models to save time

  • Additional training tools available in our web application


Mobile Devices and Wearables​

  • Light-weight libraries

  • No software dependencies

  • Custom hardware services available

Deploy Models on the Edge

Cross Platform APIs

Our MLOPs toolchain allows you deploy and run your models in real-time on a variety of Operating Systems and platforms, including Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, and more.


How can I try Edge ML?

Currently Edge ML is in active development and our team is working hard to release API and docs.  Alpha builds of the framework, including an alpha API, exist and are available for demonstration.  Please get in touch with our business team to apply for a product demonstration today.

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