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Real-time MLOPs

Our MLOPs solutions include both cloud-based MLOPs and real-time MLOPs.  Real-time MLOPs differs from our traditional, cloud-based offering by performing model training, model generation, and model inference locally on an edge device without needing internet connectivity.

ML Tools

ML Tools include Command Line Interfaces (CLIs), platform drivers, and real-time data-logging applications to capture raw or processed data on common commercial devices and embedded targets.  ML Tools allow users to capture real-time sensor data for testing, real-time training, post-activity training, or model generation without needing to code.  Boilerplate code examples and scripts are provided for more advanced users.

mltools_phone copy.png
mltools_watch copy.png

ML Core

ML Core is a compiled service running our real-time MLOPs that can be included as a library or accessed locally through an API.  ML Core can be included and linked directly inside your application.  It is cross-platform and can be compiled to run on custom embedded hardware.

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