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Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Abstract Background

What is Pedestrian Dead Reckoning?

Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) uses the sensors in your smartphone or other wearable devices to track your number of steps, your distance traveled, and location. Yotta’s PDR algorithms demonstrate the power of Edge ML.


Step Counting

Whether you are trying to meet your daily step count or tracking your run, our algorithms provide an accurate count of your steps. Step counts are better than 99% accuracy and are designed to minimize false positives. Case studies have shown better performance when other consumer step counters such as Apple Watch and FitBit.

IHM Sensor Graph Visualization


Real-time human motion recognition provides an accurate distance traveled that is coupled with a fused sensor-based attitude solution. This provides accurate position, tracking, and navigation in GPS challenged environments such as indoors, underwater, and underground.

Actual IHM Indoor Navigation Map Visualization

Power Savings

Many IoT, wearable, and edge devices require localization for their applications however GPS and GNSS receivers can consume a large percentage of their power budgets. Yotta’s PDR algorithms provide an opportunity to duty cycle your receiver to save power. During times when your application needs to save it can use Yotta’s PDR algorithms to provide localization information while turning off the device’s receiver.


How can I try PDR?

PDR is available today and ready for integration in your product.  We have a mobile application in closed beta for demonstration.  Please get in touch with our business team to apply for a product demonstration today.

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