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What is Intelligent Human Motion?

Intelligent Human Motion™ (IHM) is a set of software libraries and tools used to generate contextual motion and position data of a human based solely on commercially available sensor data from smartphones, wearables, and AR/MR/VR headsets.

How does IHM work?

IHM works similar to image and speech recognition: sensor signal patterns are analyzed and compared in real-time to trained models to determine what a user is doing.  Navigation by Motion, our location tracking application, utilizes this user context to determine user position.  All without GPS.

IHM Sensor Graph Visualization

How is IHM different?

Pedometers and health apps can only provide a single dimension of data at extremely low fidelity. 

IHM can resolve complex motions by performing with military-grade precision and accuracy. In addition, IHM can provide position estimation that is beyond that of existing devices in the marketplace, all while using commercially available sensors.

Actual IHM Indoor Navigation Map Visualization

What can IHM run on?

IHM was initially developed for military-grade hardware.  It has since been ported to commercial smartphones, smartwatches, and AR/MR/VR headsets.  In addition, standalone hardware has been developed that is light, compact, and efficient.

Actual IHM Hardware

How can I obtain IHM?

IHM is available today and ready for integration in your product.  We have a mobile application in closed beta that demonstrates contextual motion capabilities of Intelligent Human Motion™.  We also have a live demonstration of our location tracking application Navigation by Motion™. Please get in touch with our business team to apply for a product demonstration today.

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