How is Intelligent Human Motion used?

From remote patient monitoring to posture orientation, IHM can power a wide range of applications.

Mixed and Virtual Reality

Not only limited to AR/MR/VR headsets, IHM can accept multiple vectors of sensors, from gloves to controllers, generating behavioral dynamics for AR/MR/VR developers and enabling applications to respond to real-time user kinematics for a more intuitive and immersive experience.


Location-based Marketing

Indoors and outdoors, our application, Navigation by Motion™, provides critical location and behavioral data that can improve geofencing and real-time targeting, allowing advertisers to reach their audience at the right moment.


Health & Fitness

Using consumer-grade sensors, IHM can detect complex motions with high accuracy, enabling health and wellness monitoring applications to provide trusted data to physicians and doctors at very little hardware cost.


Sports Coaching

IHM provides a level of motion detail not possible with visual techniques. Form and real-time postures can be tracked to provide coaches with continuous data needed to insure a healthy and productive team: before, during, and after a game.


Inertial Navigation & Tracking

First responders, construction workers, and hazmat workers all need real-time tracking data of high pedigree in GPS-challenged environments. Our application, Navigation by Motion™, provides this and more. Body dynamics classify well even when underwater, providing location data that never existed before.


... and more

From tracking behavioral mechanics of endangered species to real-time flight diagnostics, IHM applications are limitless.

Many more proven, tested applications have been developed at our lab.

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