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Company Background

Yotta Navigation was established with the goal of improving soldier survivability by designing novel personal navigation systems.  Since our first SBIR was awarded in 2008, we've been developing and maturing our patented AI/ML algorithms for portable platforms and systems.  Our power-efficient, dual-use AI/ML techniques have found applications in human motion classification, dismounted navigation, anti-spoof anti-jam detection, and sensor fusion.  Our company is located in Silicon Valley and employs veterans and experts in AI, GPS navigation, and semiconductor industries.


Our area of expertise is in Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML), rapid prototyping, and user experience.  We have developed human performance assessment systems utilizing human motion classification algorithms, prototyped navigation handhelds in multiple form factors, and deployed open architecture software on multiple platforms and Operating Systems.  Our novel sensor fusion and AI/ML techniques for GPS-Denied navigation have been successfully tested in jamming environments and have been used in Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) training events.

In 2017, we demonstrated the world's first handheld device tracking live sky M-Code in a government-witnessed event.  Since, we have been integrating M-Code and Alt-Nav in our handheld development effort.


Joseph Schlesselman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

Donald Massaro, Chairman of the Board

Joseph Schlesselman, Director

William Deninger, P.h.D., Director

Don Medley, Director

Awards and Recognitions

2019 US Air Force SBIR STTR Award

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