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GPS Denied

Warfighters are increasingly operating in GPS denied and GPS degraded environments, requiring alternative means of obtaining position, navigation, and timing.  We have developed portable, power-efficient software and hardware to improve situational awareness for warfighters in adverse, austere environments.  Solutions range from custom hardware devices to software packages that can be integrated into existing systems.

Dismounted Navigation

When all signals-of-opportunity provided to a warfighter fail due to spoofing or jamming, there is a need for an independent, alternate means of navigation.  We have developed a software solution to independently generate a positioning source utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques that require only Consumer-off-The-Shelf hardware. 

User Equipment

Our primary goal in developing User Equipment, such as Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE), is looping user feedback into our agile development process so that user needs can be best represented in the final product.  Our multidisciplinary team is capable of executing in all stages of User Equipment development: simulating, modeling, designing, assembling, and testing hardware, software, and mechanical components in both ground and underwater applications.

Soldier Systems

Warfighters carry a wide range of legacy and modern devices and platforms.  Whether they're wired or wireless, require plugins or special software drivers, or require specific mechanical assemblies, our experienced team can integrate these systems into our devices and platforms.  Our history with users and User Equipment requirements for military applications makes our user interfaces exceptionally intuitive, requiring little to no training to operate.

Underwater Systems

There is a need for improving safety and situational awareness in underwater environments for dive instructors and divers to mitigate the risk of injury or fatality.  To address this need, we design and build personal underwater systems to aid and assist in biometric logging, navigation, and communications.

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