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Yotta Navigation Awarded New Performance Assessment System by US Army

Yotta Navigation has been awarded a new contract to provide the Wearable Performance Assessment System (WPAS) to the US Army. WPAS detects and classifies complex, highly-dynamic soldier tasks in real-time. WPAS operates indoors and outdoors, and automatically processes high volumes of biomechanical data. The system is scalable, upgradable, low-cost, and features an open architecture. This system builds on the extensive domain expertise Yotta Navigation has build over the last decade in this area using our patented motion detection and classification algorithms.

Key uses of WPAS beyond dismounted soldier performance assessments include aiding in dismounted assured land navigation under GPS-denied conditions. Commercial applications include medical research and rehabilitation, sports and fitness tracking, human-robotic interaction and augmentation systems, as well as the tremendous opportunity in the nascent virtual/augmented/mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) market.

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